Ford Competition

For the Focus, our highest competition is the Honda Civic with 135,000 local monthly searches. If we optimized Honda Civic into our page When Google searching for the Civic, people will think about the Focus and this could lead to an increase in sales. The Ford Fiesta is a highly searched term, but our number one competitor for this segment is the Honda Fit. The Fit is searched for 74,000 times a month, and if optimized within the website, could provide a significant increase in sales. Our biggest competitor for the Taurus is the Chrysler 300; we need to optimize around this term so we can capture some of this market we may be missing out on. The Fusion, one of the best selling vehicles, is facing major competition from the Honda Accord. As aforementioned, focusing around this popular Honda model may have a positive effect on sales figures. For the F150 we need to try and optimize around the Dodge Ram. For our SUV segment: Expedition, Explorer, and Escape, we need to focus our keywords around our competitors; the Chevy Tahoe, Honda Pilot, and Toyota Rav4. The idea around the competition is when people are searching for our competitors vehicles, we want our name to pop up and Ford to remain in the evoked set. This highly effective technique will have a positive impact on sales.


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