Marketing 463

Well it has been announced today that Marketing 463 is going to be available to any student that has taken as least Marketing 352 as a prerequisite. This new marketing class would go under digital marketing category and continues to teach students students about the digital world that is out there in marketing. The new course is going to introduce the social media, and e-commerce aspect of marketing. With the market going digital, learning social media is very important for the marketer to get the upper hand on the competition. The University of Michigan Dearborn offers a one of a kind digital marketing degree program that was rolled out this year and for the average marketer who is trying to get the advantage when seeking a job, I recommend looking into this program.


Marketing Segment in Cars

For digital marketing within the United States we need to focus on a few different keywords. My first recommendation would be to focus on “fuel efficient cars” or “best fuel efficient cars”. Fuel efficient cars is a highly searched term and with the economy moving away from gas guzzling vehicles, we should optimize our page in order to capture this up and coming market. Fuel efficiency can work in any of the markets for the US; small car, medium car, SUV, or truck. Americans are looking for the best fuel efficiency when they are in the market to purchase a new vehicle. Another term that would fall under each category would be “best mpg”. Again, with the market looking to optimize gas mileage these terms are very important. One of the most searched terms that we should focus on is “hybrid cars”. As more vehicles are going green, we need to be in the evoked set so people are considering our product over the competitors. For our smaller cars, i.e. Focus and Fiesta, the term “small car” is a highly search term. If we optimized those pages with small car, it would increase the likelihood that Ford would be in the evoked set for Americans when they are in the market for a new compact car. For the medium car segment “sedan”, “best sedan”, and “best mpg car” would be the best place to start. All those terms are searched for consistently and we need to get our name in consumer’s heads so they will consider our vehicle over the competition. For SUV’s I would focus on “best hybrid suv”, “best suv for money”, and “best mpg suv”. These terms had a high relevance and if used properly, will drive more business for us. For trucks, the keywords that I would focus on are: “best mpg truck”, “best truck”, and “truck with best gas mileage”. I think these terms are most important when in the market for a new truck and if we optimize around them we will see our sales grow.

Digital Marketing Overview

Digital marketing is a new form of advertising that promotes specific brands using only digital media. In today’s technology-driven world, digital marketing has become increasingly important. Millions of people use the internet every day, and every business must take advantage of this audience or risk failing.  Digital marketing includes many different forms of online advertising, which continue to evolve as technology moves forward.

Digital marketing is a broad term, which includes a variety of online marketing methods ranging from e-mail to search engine optimization. What distinguishes this form of marketing from other forms of advertising is the exclusion of traditional media. It does not include television, radio, billboard, or print advertising. Digital marketing basically uses just one advertising medium, the internet. However, under that one medium are dozens of different ways you can promote your business with a variety of online marketing tools. While this form of advertising is very different from traditional marketing, it still uses the same principles. Successful online marketing involves researching your competition, knowing your consumers, and developing your brand.

Digital Marketing Degree Programs Intro

Digital Marketing Degree Programs is the number one up and coming programs for the marketing industry. With marketing going to optimizing around keywords, digital marketing is essential. The use of Google’s adword keyword tool can be used to look up certain keywords and check how much that term is being searched for. If there is a certain keyword that has your interest, you can see how many local and global searches it receives as well as how much it would cost to purchase that term. The University of Michigan Dearborn is one of the first colleges to roll out this program. With the excellent business programs U of M Dearborn offers, this is a great school to check out. You can learn more at Digital Marketing Degree Programs. To learn the basics of digital marketing students at U of M Dearborn can enroll in the Marketing 363 class and learn a hands on experience about the basics of digital marketing. Throughout the next two months, I will be posting new content keeping you updated about this up and coming program and I hope to see many people share an interest in this as in the next 10 years, a basic marketing degree will soon all go to digital.